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The Function of Car Magnets

Outdoor car magnets are mainly applied to the vehicle body spray. Such car magnets have high adhesion as well as resistance to sunlight. The common models are mainly white plastic car magnets and black plastic car magnets these two types. So what’s the function of outdoor car magnets? Let me have a detail introduction about car magnets.

The outdoor car magnets mainly have the following functions:

1. heat insulation and cooling

This is also the most important function of car magnets. Everyone had such experience where it feels like stepping into the sauna when the car parked beneath the sun for a while. But car magnets can make your car less sunlight radiation. Professionally, on a hot summer day, car magnets can cut the demand for cooler down to 40%. In keeping the interior cool, car magnets can also save a lot of air conditioning energy. So car magnets are like killing two birds with one stone.

car stickers

2. skin protection

We all know that UV does a lot of damage to our skin. Harmful UV rays can burn the skin, also cause wrinkles, spots, serious even cataracts, skin cancer, etc. Especially for beautiful lady, to maintain aquatic skin in the summer, how can you ignore the time in the car? Good car magnets can cut off more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray. So car magnets are essential in hot summer.

3. prevent cracking and fading

In addition to damage to owner's skin, long-term ultraviolet rays can also cause car cracking and fading. So car magnets also have the function of protecting car interior trim and prolonging its service life.

4. protect personal safety

Many owners may don’t know that car magnets can effectively avoid the accident caused by glass splash. After the accident, good car magnets can stick broken glass to avoid splash which can effectively protect the owner's personal safety.

5. enhance privacy

Finally, car magnets can effectively prevent the thief to spying out the car owner’s property. Car magnets also have the function of protecting owner’s security and privacy.

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