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The differences between hologram stickers and ordinary stickers

Today, hologram stickers have become an anti-counterfeiting method and also the best solution to improve the grade of products. The shape of hologram stickers can be round, oval, square, rectangular and other special shapes. We can make a special appearance according to customer's requirements. The common colors of hologram stickers are: golden, silver, red, blue, green, black, pink. The color can be customized according to the requirements of materials.

hologram stickers

In the past 10 years, forged and fake commodity has an explosive growth. From simple certificate to high-tech products, every aspect has been under the shadow of counterfeiter. Also, the counterfeiters will in the future continue to threating your product and livelihood. They usually choose those without anti-counterfeiting protection or simple anti-counterfeiting packaging products to forge.

Products with hologram stickers are in moderate cost and very difficult to copy. Hologram stickers can increase security coefficient of the product at a low cost. It can make the counterfeiters prohibitive to the products using hologram stickers. Hologram stickers have another significant function, that is the visual effect of holographic packing. Hologram stickers are in brilliant color and highly dynamic.

When buyers choose products, they are firstly like to noting those products which use the hologram stickers. This is because products with hologram stickers can easily catch people's eyes and give them a good impression. Then it can improve sales by getting attractions of the customers.

In the nearly 10 years of business applications, hologram stickers are involved in all walks of life. And hologram stickers have become an eye of the apple of many world famous brands.

When the temperature difference reaches a certain range or the temperature reaches a certain indicators, the surface color of the hologram stickers would change, issued a warning role. It makes it possible for the person to take quick action to the surrounding temperature changes. The color change of the hologram stickers is beneficial to the management of refrigeration products which have special requirement for temperature.

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