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The Application of Rhinestone Stickers

Rhinestone stickers can be applied to:

1, Family: rhinestone stickers can be used to paste picture, fixe the picture frame and decoration etc.

2, Office: rhinestone stickers are available to fix all kinds of office supplies and the mouse pad. It can also be used to paste form, and so on.

3, Schools: rhinestone stickers can be used to paste the thematic wall, paste curriculum as well as DIY store content ark, etc.

4, Other applications: rhinestone stickers can be used to fixed dolls, paste light items such as car label.

5, Rhinestone stickers can be applied on the back of the phones for decoration. It is especially welcomed by the young girls who like bling bling objects. You can choose from a variety of rhinestone stickers in different color and shape as your material. It would be great to DIY a mobile phone shell by your selves. It is the unique and only-one shell in the world.

6. More and more fashion people like to paste rhinestone stickers on their body parts such as arms, legs, bellies as shiny tattoo stickers.

7, Rhinestone stickers are also used in nail art. You can paste the rhinestone stickers you like on your nails to show your personality.

Rhinestone Stickers

Use Method of Rhinestone Stickers:

1, Peel off the protective film on the back of the rhinestone stickers.

2, You can paste the rhinestone stickers on optional places you like.

3, rhinestone stickers can be repeatedly used after washing clean.

Precautions of Rhinestone Stickers:

1, Rhinestone stickers can be pasted on lightweight items easily. And it won’t damage the surface when removed. But if rhinestone stickers are applied on the surface of loose structure such as paper, it will cause damage to the surface when removed.

2, Please make sure that the objects are dry before pasting the rhinestone stickers.

3, If the rhinestone stickers are washed, please make sure they are dry thoroughly before using again.

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