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Product Features of Hologram Stickers

What are hologram stickers?

Hologram stickers is a three-dimensional image, it has  very big difference with traditional photo. The traditional photo show is the physical picture is true, and the hologram stickers contain recorded size, shape, brightness and contrast information of objects. This information is stored in a very small but interference model which is very complex. The interference pattern is produced by a laser. From a complex three-dimensional interference pattern, the reflected light shines on the three-dimensional objects. To record the whole pattern, the use of light must be strictly directional, and belong to the same color. Such light is called coherent light. Because the laser produced light has a single color, and all the light waves are synchronized, so the laser is an ideal light source hologram. When you use the light when the hologram information stored interference pattern in the will resort to incident light reflected by the object out if the reproduction of original light wave. Your eyes and brain will find the original object seemed to appear in front of you. Holography stickers are three-dimensional images recording and reproducing the realization of the true technology. The hologram stickers are very different from other image. And other measurements of “image” is not the same, the hologram stickers provide “parallax”. Disparity is the observer can observe the different image by around and move up and down, like a real thing in there.

hologram stickers

How to make hologram stickers?

Many hologram stickers you see in the shops, art center and elsewhere are making in professional lab. Hologram stickers typical laboratory includes a laser, a shockproof optical platform, prism, reflector, optical support frame and a variety of other equipment. Hologram also needs a darkroom environment. As long as these devices and a suitable laboratory environment, an amateur can make holograms.

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