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Functions of Custom Plastic Labels

Custom plastic labels are signs made of plastic and resin. Door signs, street signs and signpost are all custom plastic labels. The material of custom plastic labels can be the following:organic glass, acrylic, double color boards, PA, PE, PS, PP, CA,polystyrene resin series, such as ABS, AS, PMMA, POM,PC, hard PVC, fluorine plastics.Custom plastic labels can be divided into frosted and transparent PVC custom plastic labels. Most custom plastic labels are attached with adhesive which can paste firmly.Custom plastic labels are very popular in the market because they have a lot of functions.

plastic labels

First,custom plastic labels have the function of tagging and warning.  PVC custom plastic labels play the role mainly through visual experience. For example, PVC custom plastic labels can express information by words and images. The marks on custom plastic labels have the function of symbolic mark, direction, warning, indicative.

Second,custom plastic labels have the functions of representative, advertising. They can be used for employee badges, job number, product number, restaurant table tablet to get the effect of recognition and promotion.

Third,custom plastic labels also play the role of product information communication. They have the function of advertising as well as publicity.Custom  plastic labels are commonly used in commercial products and industrial products, as the propaganda of the brand.They can be divided into soft custom plastic labels and hard custom plastic labels.

Custom plastic labels are always applied in car signs in the front and back. The common English, Chinese, digital signs of the brand logos are usually made in custom plastic labels.

Some luggage tags are also in the form of custom plastic labels, such as the signs on luggage, handbags, instrumental package and camera bags.

We can see some business signs are also made in custom plastic labels for commercial purpose.

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