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Cleaning Methods for Adhesive Labels

1. First tear the adhesive labels off from the surface of glass or commodity. Use warm water to wet the towel and wipe the traces caused by adhesive labels one or twice. Then use a wet towel with soap to wipe the place repeatedly. Later wipe with a clean wet towel. The adhesive labels traces are removed.

2. Wipe toothpaste evenly on the surface of adhesive stickers. Clean the toothpaste with soft cloth after a few minutes. Sometimes the adhesive stickers are too firm, just again smear toothpaste on the places that still have adhesive labels. With the same method again and again, you can remove the adhesive stickers for good.

adhesive stickers

3. You can scratch with pen, paper and cutter. It is suitable for glass, floor tile and other hard surface. Adhesive labels on glass, floor tile, clothing, etc. can be wiped with alcohol. Some things are suitable for frozeing. You can tear the adhesive labels off directly when the adhesive labels are frozen hard. This method is for surface that is unsuitable for alcohol, scratches.

4. It is said that wind medicated oil is also useful. You can use a blower to heat the adhesive labels until they can be torn off. But it is not suitable for plastic, because it will deform.

5. Use a blower to heat. The effect is very good, and it is also convenient in the home because each home ha duct blower. Whether glass, wood or metal, blow the adhesive labels with the blower with hot wind back and forth for a few times, then tear a small edge. While using a blower, tear the adhesive labels at the same time along the direction. The effect is obvious.

6. Wipe strongly with rubber for a few times.

7. Use industrial use banana water to wipe the adhesive labels. It is very easy to remove.

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