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Classification of Custom Car Decals

Custom car decals are a kind of adhesive stickers posted on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. It has the beautification effect. Custom car decals  first appeared on April 20, 1887 in the world's first car race held in Paris. Custom car decals can be divided into sport custom car decals, modified car decals and individuality car decals.

Custom sport car decals

Sport car decals mainly refer to the car stickers in the karts. The custom car decals are different according to different models and track used in different races. Rally custom car decals are designed to highlight the signs of the team and the sponsor's logo. And the color of the custom car decals should match with the team's overall VI design style in order to achieve better propaganda effects. Track racing custom car decals are usually with dynamic design as flame, flag, wave for an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Modified custom car decals

Modified car decals refer to the specially designed theme car decals. Various modified manufacturers would design custom car decals matching a particular car for participation or promotion of the new product. It is colorful and attractive. There are many special custom car decals that fit with modified cars with a careful design and collocation.

car decals

Custom car decals with personality

Personality car decals are custom car decals designed according to owner's individual preferences. You can choose and collocate freely in sports, artistic and practical styles as long as it looks beautiful and harmonious. You can even design and create your own custom car decals.

Special car decals

Its biggest advantages are clear color, stereo design and good visual effect. These kind of custom car decals are the most widely used car decals as well as the earliest ones.

Special custom car decals are commonly seen in all kinds of racing cars. Its production process is to make different color sticker material into different pattern by means of scribing.Its quality mainly depends on the chosen material and the degree of workmanship. The characteristic of special custom car decals is that it cannot be produced in a pattern of asymptotic color.

Full color car decals

It has a gradient effect, can spit out photos, product renderings. These kinds of custom car decals are used in all over the car. The quality of such kinds custom car decals mainly depends on the accuracy of printing and the adopted ink. Good full color custom car decals can be in the fidelity of a photo.

Printed custom car decals

The custom car decals are printed in different patterns. It is suitable for mass production. These kinds of custom car decals are only used as a partial adornment.

Besides, there are one-way vision custom car decals. This kind of sticker does not affect the sight line. Metal custom car decals are primarily various automobile refitting brand logos in a small size. There are also other custom car decals like movingwatercar decals,electrostatic car decals, magnetic car decals etc.

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