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Hologram Sticker

Sticker Features:

Item Name: Hologram sticker

Price: Negotiable

Min.Order Quantity: 1000pcs

Material: PET+release paper

Size: customized

Printing: Offset printing (UV) | Silk-screen printing | hologram stamping


Tradeing Term: FOB | CIF | C&F | DDU

Supply Capacity: 3000000pcs/month

Packing Details: Bulk package | Individual polybag | Header pouch

Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Delivery Time: 10-15days normally, depends on quantity

Payment Terms: Paypal | Credit card | Moneygram | Bitcoin | Telegraphic transfer

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According to different types of Hologram stickers, we can select different label material. The widely used ones are including pressure—sensitive adhesive paper, PVC and PET. Laser sticker is adopted alumina film; texture anti—counterfeiting is taken fiber paper; fragile sticker is adopted fragile paper. And some special stickers are taken opening hydraulic anti—counterfeiting paper( it looks like RMB paper), etc.

Anti—counterfeiting technology includes:
1. Round painted flowers to print varieties of plate texture of flowers on the Hologoram waterproof  sticker to have both anti counterfeiting and higher appreciation of technological effects.
2. Ground—tint: whose meaning is that to link different elements up in repeated changing regularly and consecutively, and the elements are straight line, curve and crisp line. They are often used as anti—counterfeiting labels on certificates.
3. Lace: it is used for printing on the edges of the products. We employ diverse combine type laces in order to function as decoration and anti counterfeit by means of their elements and colors.
4. Latent image: we put the relative characters and patterns to be printed into plate texture, which leave an impression on people that the characters and patterns hide inside the presswork.
5. Emboss: take advantage of emboss and lines to make shading. This kind of round hologram stickers technology is universally used.
6. Miniature: to scale down the characters until we can not observe them with naked eyes. This anti—counterfeiting technology is a simple design but has a great effect.
7. Anti—scanning: to apply scanner with modern ultra high precision and photoengraving will not show line show lines any more, which prevents the presswork from being copied.
8. Image processing: to use different lines and combine the background patterns as well as be on the basis of data and program of diverse setting can produce different anti—counterfeiting results.

The scientific name of hologram stickers( a national name) is anti—counterfeit label or anti counterfeiting. Hologram stickers is a kind of label having anti—counterfeiting function that can be pasted, printed and transferred to the subject matters including its the surface, packaging or appendages( like commodity listing、business card or the anti—counterfeiting card).The characteristics and the identification method are the souls of custom hologram stickers. The meaning of anti counterfeit is a preventive measure that stops those who are going to model or copy some objects for the purpose of deception and without the permission of owners.

The goal of Hologram stickers is to provide a useful proposal and effective means for customers pursuing good brands. However, how to choose anti—counterfeiting technology is also difficult now. Common users do not know how to pick up anti—counterfeiting technology, for we do not have a deep understanding about the technology and just know it as an unrepeatable certificate of identification of product at first. But, residents’ certification of identifications are concerted while anti—counterfeiting technology is customized. We have to design programs which has to base on the defects of the products(because very product has certain weakness, which we can not avoid) and the potential problems appearing in the company to deal with the fundamental troubles actually. But we do not say that every product has to be solved with advanced anti—counterfeiting technology.

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